The Worlds Most Versatile Mobility Platform.

Mobility on Demand a $200 Billion market by 2024.

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KeazACCESS has been deployed in thousands of vehicles and assets across over 300+ locations.

Registered Drivers

KeazACCESS integrates easily with 3rd party KYC/Identity management systems, single sign-on, and also allows for bulk upload of user data.

Bookings a Month

With thousands of bookings each day across car sharing, pool car, and hybrid systems, the multi-tenanted KeazACCESS system is built for scale.


Keaz is active in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong and VietNam, with expansion to South East Asia, UK and Europe planned for 2019.


KEAZ vehicle access & intelligence platform delivers tailored self-service access; by the hour, day or whatever you require.

No lost keys!

Are you looking for a way to manage the lending of assets within your organisation?

Perhaps you have a number of 'pool' vehicles, and you want to make it easier for your employees to access them, or perhaps you want to get detailed reports on the usage of these vehicles? With our Pool Car module, the KeazACCESS Enterprise platform allows you to do this, and more. Our enterprise-level system caters for as few as 5 assets, up to thousands.

  • Vehicle & Asset Optimisation: Better use of assets and capital Pool Vehicle & Fleet Scheduling: Booking/Reservations & Access (Enterprise, Government & Community Services)
  • Asset Scheduling: Booking/Reservations & Vehicle Access
  • Share Car Operations (Enterprise & Peer-to-Peer)
  • Vehicle subscription services
  • Vehicle Rental Operations
  • Keyless vehicle access
Keaz SaaS platform versatility

GEOTAB Hardware Integration

Keaz works with Geotab Resellers globally

Keaz collaborates with Geotab resellers worldwide, enhancing fleet management solutions with our innovative SaaS platform. Our partnership ensures that businesses can seamlessly integrate Geotab’s cutting-edge technology to optimize their vehicle operations, making fleet management more efficient and cost-effective.


And many many more ...

Mobility solutions for all clients

Not For Profit

  • KeazACCESS Corporate Carsharing Keyless vehicle access Vehicle utilisation > 80%
  • Staff pay for private use of vehicles
  • Key administration eliminated
  • Easy access for volunteer staff Cost recovery on vehicles ~ 20%

Local Government

  • KeazACCESS Corporate Carsharing
  • ‘Tap and Go’ for quick access to vehicles in depots or the street Departmental charge-back
  • Accurate utilization management
  • Business/Private usage reporting
  • Out of house usage alerting

Bus Company

  • Shi" Change-over vehicles
  • Automatic allocation based on mainframe bus timetables via API’s Presentation of vehicle bookings on depot screens (next bus out) Quick, keyless access to vehicles
  • Mid-route driver change-overs away from depots
  • Automatic utilization management

Insurance Companies

  • Quick rental replacements for ‘not-at-fault’ insurance claims Flexible vehicle access provided to customers with no wait time No risk of customers losing keys
  • Customer can rent vehicle for fixed time period
  • Seamless experience for customer

Car Dealerships

  • Use KeazACCESS to book test drives
  • Subscription services – customer choice of vehicles Short term vehicle rental from unsold stock
  • No risk of customers losing keys
  • Seamless experience for customer


  • KeazACCESS Taxi vehicle rentals
  • Allow drivers to self-book and rent taxi’s for variable shift hours Drivers pay by credit card (automatically charged)
  • Discounts for multiple shifts in 1 week
  • Keyless access to taxi
  • No more scrambling to recover keys!

A few of our features

With over 9million different ways to book and gain access to a vehicle, the KeazACCESS system is designed to be completely customisable. Want to charge the customers credit card for bookings? No problem! Want to book by the minute instead of by the hour? Sure! Want to check the drivers license during registration? Absolutely! Want to rent out forklifts instead of cars? We can do that! KeazACCESS makes it easy to tailor the system to match YOUR business requirements, no matter how large or small your business is.

Tap n Go

White Labelling

Keyless Entry

Push/Pull API

Granular role-based security

HID, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth

24x7 Support

Auto-detect Multiple timezones

License Restriction for Vehicle Types

Build your own Reports

Multi-language support

Single sign-on

  • Adjustable 'sort' order for vehicles
  • Auto-assign vehicle
  • Bulk import vehicles
  • Adjustable Geofence Radius
  • Tandem Bookings
  • Adjustable vehicle costs
  • Cost Centre Security
  • Auto-assign RFID tag numbers
  • Maintenance mode for vehicle
  • Approval workflow
  • Book vehicle out for 'service'
  • Branch based security
  • License expiry warning
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 'Master Card' for all vehicles
  • Business and Private Usage Policies
  • Block drivers with expired licenses
  • Bill per hour or per km
  • Infringement Management
  • Adjustable business hours
  • Recurring Bookings
  • Charge for private use
  • Change colours/layout
  • Limit duration of bookings
  • Trip purpose entry
  • Turn on/off booking fields
  • Vehicle drop-off at different branch
  • Adjust booking duration increments
  • Auto-expiry of bookings
  • Email templates
  • Late booking auto-extension
  • 2 years of booking history
  • Automatically move bookings
  • Enforce profile update for first login
  • Add/Remove vehicle 'options'
  • Customise Menu Wording
  • Integrate with internal help-desk
  • Advanced 'Installer' tool
  • Auto-detect timezones
  • Add comments to bookings
  • Mobile Apps

Keaz Proven Team That Cares

Our current team is 25 strong, based in the United States, Australia and Vietnam. All are passionate about growing Keaz into the evolving Mobility market, driving technology integration opportunities and winning. All are at Keaz because they want to contribute to it’s success.

Our team is technically experienced, coming from a strategic mix of backgrounds, including systems architecture, UI app development, UX, vehicle fleet operations, IoT hardware integration, CANbus controls, drone operations and enterprise systems delivery.

Our team is distributed globally and we connect daily, supporting each other and sharing knowledge and learnings. Without them, we would not have grown Keaz to where it is today. We do not take team members for granted and work closely as we grow forward together.

Keaz Founders

Peter David


Peter has extensive business development and management experience; grounded in sales & marketing and skilled in launching products into global markets. Prior to Keaz, Peter worked in Hong Kong with a local family owned manufacturing group to build a global distribution channel. Peter also successfully established a new sales and support operation in South Australia for the Australian owned ERP systems developer, Pronto Software. Peter has also previously raised both seed and venture capital for technology start-ups, held two board positions, one ASX listed and one unlisted, and personally worked with board members such as Jeff Kennett and Malcolm Turnbull.

Tim Bos

Chairman and CTO

Tim has over 20 years’ experience working with start-ups and established enterprises, with a focus on technology. He has held a number of senior roles within widely recognised and respected global organisations, including Program Manager at Avanade Australia (a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture), Associate Director at Barclays Capital based in Singapore, Project Manager at GE Capital and IT Infrastructure Manager at Atari. KEAZ is also Tim’s 3rd successful startup. He sold his telematics company, bioWatch to Procon in 2013, and also recently sold Caramavan to an ASX listed company.