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Adaptive vehicle mobility platforms

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What is Keaz?

Keaz is unlocking the sharing economy by providing a platform that facilitates the sharing of any THING through a frictionless set of tools, designed for both consumer and corporate enterprises.

Keaz is a rapidly accelerating cloud Technology Developer with highly tuned telematics integration capabilities. Keaz has chosen three hyper-growth markets for its core business focus:

Vehicle Access and Mobility - (integrated digital taxi dispatch services, mobile platforms for vehicle rental services, flexible vehicle access, keyless entry integration, vehicle location, custom access onboarding, and much more!)

Peer to Peer (P2P) Share Economy - (creation of a new social network ecology based upon the Access to Things and delivered via mobile platforms), and

The Internet of Things (IoT) - built upon Keaz deep understanding of telematics integration, Keaz sees the importance of the Internet of Things as not only a hyper-growth market but one where the development of a trusted ecosystem to access 'things' will show compound revenue growth over the next ten years.

Keaz for Corporate

Are you looking for a way to manage the lending of assets within your organisation?

Perhaps you have a number of 'pool' vehicles, and you want to make it easier for your employees to access them, or perhaps you want to get detailed reports on the usage of these vehicles? With our Pool Car module, the KeazACCESS Enterprise platform allows you to do this, and more. Our enterprise-level system caters for as few as 5 assets, up to thousands.

KEAZ vehicle access & intelligence platform delivers tailored self-service access; by the hour, day or whatever you require. No lost keys!

Enterprise has been designed as a modular, cloud-based system to allow for an end-to-end vehicle and asset booking system that can be extended to allow for additional functionality, such as telematics based door unlock/lock for vehicle access, RFID (staff card) access to vehicles, integration with ERP systems, integration with car rental systems for scalable vehicle numbers, etc.

  • BYO hardware, or use ours.
  • BYO booking system/user interface, or use ours.
  • Integrate custom made tablet/phone apps.
  • Easy integration with existing ERP systems.
  • Device management server is built to scale. 100,000’s transactions per second, BIG DATA, cloud hosted, purpose built for telematics.

We Deliver cloud based software & operational systems integrating:

  • Multi-platform user experience, (mobiles: iOS & Android plus responsive web app)
  • Vehicle telematics (global, touch once, multi-make)
  • SaaS computing (scalable and global)
  • Web services (extensive API integration)
  • Social networks (CX & user validation)
  • 24/7 vehicle access and monitoring ... globally!
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Keaz for the Consumer

With KeazACCESS, you can share your assets with friend and family for free, or rent them to the world!

Have you ever loaned something to a friend or family member, and waited YEARS until it was returned? With KeazACCESS, this will be a thing of the past.

Perhaps you want to launch the next Zipcar, AirBNB, or want to start some new 'sharing economy' business? The KeazACCESS platform will help you get started and earning cash in no time at all.

Consumer Keaz is available in it's early beta stage, stand-by for more information or feel free to get in contact.

International Experience

The Keaz team has extensive global experience rolling out large-scale vehicle telematics deployments of many thousands of vehicles. International location deployment experience includes: North America, Australia, NZ, Asia (China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia), Central America and the UAE.

This level of global experience has also allowed us to extend our product and services to cater for multiple languages and cultural variations.

When 'on boarding' new locations, Keaz proven methodology allows us to start implementing our product in a very short timeframe. Our methodology includes a mix of partnering with local resources as well as setting up our own local operations for larger scale rollouts, managed with cloud based project tracking systems.

In your browser and on your mobile

The KEAZ ecosystem is designed to be used on any device, whether it's through a website, or via our native Android and iPhone apps.

Keaz for iOS and Android (coming soon)

Meet the founders of Keaz

Peter David

Peter has extensive business development and management experience; grounded in sales & marketing and skilled in launching products into global markets. Prior to Keaz, Peter worked in Hong Kong with a local family owned manufacturing group to build a global distribution channel. Peter also successfully established a new sales and support operation in South Australia for the Australian owned ERP systems developer, Pronto Software. Peter has also previously raised both seed and venture capital for technology start-ups, held two board positions, one ASX listed and one unlisted, and personally worked with board members such as Jeff Kennett and Malcolm Turnbull.

Tim Bos

Chairman and CTO
Tim has over 20 years’ experience working with start-ups and established enterprises, with a focus on technology. He has held a number of senior roles within widely recognised and respected global organisations, including Program Manager at Avanade Australia (a Microsoft and Accenture joint venture), Associate Director at Barclays Capital based in Singapore, Project Manager at GE Capital and IT Infrastructure Manager at Atari. KEAZ is also Tim’s 3rd successful startup. He sold his telematics company, bioWatch to Procon in 2013, and also recently sold Caramavan to an ASX listed company.